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V iii Challenges of the Sevak

2. What should office-bearers and those in position be wary of?

There is no place in the Sai organisation for bossism. Whether they are office-bearers or others, all are equally sevaks engaged in service. This organisation is intended for those who are wedded to dedication and selfless service. Those who are not active in service should be kept out. It is better to have ten genuine active sevaks than large number of office-bearers who take the credit for what others have done. You should not be concerned about the wealth, position, name or distinction of anyone. Sincere service is the only criterion. Those who are not active or who merely indulge in idle talk or criticism of others should have no place in the organisation. And those who are puffed up with self-conceit should be eliminated. Only those who have humility to regard themselves as "servants of servants" can become true servants of God.
Sathya Sai Baba, 21 Nov 1987