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II i Characteristics of An Ideal "Stree"

1. How does Swami explain the essence of Womanhood with the term "Stree"?

Stree Encompasses Three Gunas: The word Sthree is made up of three, consonants, 'Sa', 'Tha' and 'Ra'. 'Sa' signifies the Saathvik nature of women. It represents also the triple aspects of experiencing divinity Saalokyam (vision of the Divine), Saameepyam (proximity) and Saayujyam (mergence). 'Tha' signifies the Thaamasik quality. But this Thaamasik quality is not indolence and slothfulness. It includes qualities like humility, kindness and modesty. This means that women begin with qualities like meekness and-modesty so that they may serve the family and society in the right spirit. 'Ra' represents the Rajoguna. This does not mean pugnacity and querulousness. This quality signifies the preparedness of women, where necessary, even to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their honour and the honour of their family.
Sathya Sai Baba, 19 Nov 1995
This visible universe is made up of three gunas (Sathva, Rajas and Thamas). This is the reason for describing the cosmos as Sthree. The term Sthree has three omponents: ôSa", "Tha" and "Ra". "Sa" signifies the Saathvik quality. This comprises qualities like forbearance, compassion, and love. "Tha" signifies 'the Thamo guna which includes qualities like modesty,bashfulness, fear and patience. "Ra" signifies the Rajo guna represented by such qualities as courage, sacrifice and the adventurous spirit.
Sathya Sai Baba, 6 May 1996
They are the repositories of the five virtues of respect, dignity, sacrifice, contentment and prosperity. Women are the embodiment of virtue and nobility.
Sathya Sai Baba, 11 Aug 2000